The Plunger by Staff

The Plunger by Staff

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No one knows the exact origin story of the plunger, but they say it was invented in the mid-1800s in New York.  Legend has it that the history was never properly documented because it had to do with bathroom-related subject matter. Which yeah....we don't really want to think about it either. 

That's until we found The Plunger by Staff, one that doesn't bring the vibe down and that you'll actually wanna talk about and maybe even show off a little. 

Each one is made of bright colored, translucent acrylic with a signature Staff smiley face. There's also a shiny bronze ring around the base for extra flair.  The base bulb is constructed out of sturdy rubber and provide proper suction.  Comes with a sleek and sanitary drip tray raised for increased air flow and faster drying.  

Staff was founded by Charlie Weisman.  The plunger was created in part to pay homage to our founder Charlie's grandfather, who was a career plumber, and in part because it's the perfect way to introduce what Staff is all about - changing the way people view and interact with common items throughout the house.

Details: Material - Acrylic | Height (sitting in base): 23.4" | Base diameter: 6" | Comes in 4 colors - Purple, Orange, Blue, Green.