About Us


YUNS is how people say "y'all" deep in the southern Appalachian Mountains. It's an inclusive term of endearment.

YUNS is a curated hardware shop that aims to inspire self-reliance through everyday tools and household objects. We offer small product collections selected from independent brands from around the world, along with our insights on what makes each piece high-value, special and useful. Our goal is to create a space where more people can feel comfortable and confident getting to know tools and hardware in a way they might not be able to otherwise.

Kelly Wright is the creator of YUNS. As a Korean woman from rural America, her motivation is to connect diverse voices and experiences to the hardware space.

She was raised by a family of farmers, mechanics, homemakers, landscapers and moonshiners who instilled a strong, hands-on work ethic and appreciation for what can be done using the simple, everyday things found on the shelves of their local hardware stores. After moving to New York she noticed that tools aren't as relevant or accessible for people who don't have a lot of exposure or experience. By presenting the basics in a welcoming and simple context, she hopes to help more people discover their own abilities in new ways.

Press: Architectural Digest | NY Mag CurbedCourier Magazine | PopSugarChips + Dips | A Thing Or Two | CleverPatter | Best of Thing Testing 2021Modern Different | Goldie Home