About Us


YUNS is a curated hardware store focused on nurturing confidence, community and creativity.

As modern society is progressively dependent on technology and convenience culture, the hardware store remains one of the richest places for us to learn and solve problems with our own minds, hands and abilities. Our goal is to build a strong relationship between people and everyday tools in hopes that the more they can do themselves, the more they can use that knowledge to improve the world around them. 

Kelly Wright is the founder of YUNS.  She is from a farming community in the rural south where using tools to fix and make things is the way of life.

After moving to NYC she noticed that tools were not only intimidating to people who didn't have previous experience with them, but also, rather insignificant.  She wanted to create a new context around the hardware space by making it simple and welcoming while sharing insights around the importance of enduring quality, design and utility.

"YUNS" is how people say "y'all" deep in the southern Appalachian Mountains. It's an inclusive term of endearment.

Press: Architectural Digest | NY Mag CurbedCourier Magazine | PopSugarChips + Dips | A Thing Or Two | CleverPatter | Best of Thing Testing 2021Modern Different | Goldie Home | Shoutout DFW