The Best Peanuts

The Best Peanuts

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These super crunchy, delicious, addicting salted peanuts are made by a men’s senior citizens group at Englewood Methodist Church in Rocky Mount, NC.  They are water-blanched, roasted and salted in small batches with love and care.  Some food aficionados who haves geeked out about them over the years say they’re the best they’ve ever had.

Englewood UMC started making peanuts to help fund the building of the church back in 1955. Members would cook the peanuts in their kitchens at home, until the creation of the "Peanut Shack" on the church grounds. There are several cooking teams within the UMM who rotate shifts, cooking peanuts year round. 

Try ‘em for yourself as you snack between holiday meals 🙃  We also suggest trying them the way many rural southerners grow up eating salted peanuts — get a 20oz bottle of Coca-Cola, pour a huge handful inside. Sip the pleasantly salty Coke and pour the drenched peanuts straight into your mouth at the end. This tradition started in the 1920’s when blue collar workers were first introduced to portable snack bags of peanuts, and because they couldn't wash their hands they simply poured the sleeve of nuts into their colas. 

Details: 10oz. glass jar | Warning: do not consume if you have a peanut allergy.

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