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Klein Tools was founded in 1857, before the invention of electricity and the lightbulb. Originally, they supplied pliers to telegraph linemen, but when Americans eventually started relying on electricity every day, the brand was there to support and make tools for electricians while they kept pace with the new, booming trade. Through both world wars, machinists, radio operators and mechanics all carried Klein Tools in their kits. The Klein family has always taken pride in being right beside the workers who helped build a developing nation. 

Klein screwdrivers are specially heat-treated to make them extra strong and long lasting. The patented cushion grip handle provides greater torque and comfort when used.  The shank + tip are also extremely considered, plated in premium chrome for smooth feel and to prevent corrosion, as well as precision-machined tips for exact fit in screw drives (the slot in the head of the screw).

Having a variety of screwdriver sizes is important as the the thickness of a screw drive will vary and change based on the task at hand.  Using the right size prevents the screw slot and screwdriver blade from damage, while also keeping it from slipping while you're applying force.  

Details: Small = 3" | Medium = 4" | Large = 6" [Measurement is length of shank + tip only, not the handle]