Pumice Scouring Stick

Pumice Scouring Stick

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When you've got stains and gross stuff stuck on surfaces that won't go away, you would think harsher cleaning products would be the key to getting rid of them. NOPE. Try Pumie, a pumice scouring stick that proudly "cleans where chemicals fail."

Pumie works through gentle abrasive action, erasing mineral deposits, rust, stains from sinks, tubs, showers, porcelan and tile. Removes unsightly toilet rings. Cleans baked-on food, grease and carbon buildup in ovens, on grills and iron cookware. Even cleans up dried paint.

Made from 100% pumice stone that is non-toxic, won't harm surfaces, safe for skin and to use around kids and pets. 

Details: Length 5 3/4" x Height 3/4"x Width 1 1/4"