Neon Utility Knife
Neon Utility Knife

Neon Utility Knife

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Utility knives have so many uses, it's always good to have one on hand.  Whether it's opening and breaking down boxes, removing grout, sharpening pencils (!!) or stripping up old carpet, no doubt this knife will become a trustworthy standby. 

The Stanley high-visibility retractable knife features a bright green handle that is easy to find in any toolbox and work area. It has an interlocking nose to hold a blade securely between the knife halves. The handle has blade storage inside of it and is contoured with diagonal ribs for a slip-resistant grip.

  • Hi-viz green that makes it easy to find in your tool box, drawer or work site
  • Contoured handle with diagonal ribs for a slip-resistant grip
  • Blade locks in place once set
  • Retractable blade has 3 positions for more cutting options
  • Interlocking nose to hold blade securely
  • Blade storage in handle
  • Includes 1 handle and 2 blades

Details: ‎L-8" x W-2" x H-0.9 inches | Weight: ‎3.2 Oz | Brand: Stanley

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