Hand Whisk Broom

Hand Whisk Broom

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These hand whisk brooms are made by one of the oldest brush and broom manufacturers in America. They are located in Connecticut and have been making products since the 1920s. 

Whisk brooms get their name from the ability to easily "whisk away" dirt, dust, crumbs, etc, from small spaces. Used both indoor and outdoor, the sturdy corn straw fibers can catch heavier debris that softer brushes can't, making them a handy go-to for most any mess.  They are also popular with mechanics who use them around the garage, so if you're broomed-out at home, store it in your car to keep the seats and floorboards looking fresh.  Comes with a hook so you can hang it for convenient use.

Details:  11inches long | Made from corn straw.

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