Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter

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The common housefly only lives 15-25 days, but those are some truly gross and maddening 15-25 days.  Let's not even talk about the horror show of how they propagate in that time... we'll leave that to David Attenborough. 

Even though they're year-round critters, hiding out in nooks and crannies inside and out in winter months, we see them emerge around spring.  Instead of chasing them down with your Sunday paper or shoe, a plastic swatter is the way to go. It's light and agile to reduce the fly's perception of the incoming danger by decreasing the pressure change caused by the swing, giving the little nuisance less time to react.  Goodbye, fly.

These swatters are from local artisans in Mexico who are dedicated to creating new versions of timeless Mexican household items used for generations.

Details: Material made of plastic | Size: 9 x 34 cm. / 25 g. | Made in Mexico.

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