Canvas Tool Tote

Canvas Tool Tote

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This compact canvas bag has 24 pockets that can hold a myriad of tools, including small basic power tools. The vertical stitching and strong cotton canvas gives this bag its "Standup Straight Posture," putting your tools in easy reach. There is no metal frame in this tote, so it won't create any scratches on floors, furniture or wherever you store it. 

It can also be used as a carry-all to take on the road, to the park, the beach or whenever you need a tough bag to hold and organize your stuff. 

Made by a small manufacturer founded in 1972 in Norwalk, CT.  Everything they create is proudly "Made in the USA," only working with domestic vendors who supply them with American made component parts.  Even the machinery they use to produce the bags are from the States.  They consider each of their 12 employees family,  as they all have spent their entire careers there.

Details: L: 14-Inch W: 7-Inch and H: 9-Inch 

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