BK Rot Compost

BK Rot Compost

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Compost is often called "Black Gold" because of its ability to enrich and re-energize soil used for growing plants, flowers and crops. Like Popeye eating a can of spinach, compost is so nutrient-dense that it helps whatever you're growing grow faster and stronger.  It's great for both indoor pots and outdoor gardens -- all you have to do is sprinkle some into your soil for a little TLC. 

We proudly stock compost from BK ROT NYC's first community-supported, bike-powered, fossil fuel free food waste hauling and composting service. The project is staffed by young people of color who haul residential and commercial organic waste and transform it into high quality compost. They are dedicated to creating space for the leadership of young people of color who disproportionately face the consequences of environmental destruction and yet whose visions and values are excluded from the dominant policy and design strategies for urban sustainability.  

It is handmade made with coffee grounds, clean sawdust, woodchips and food scraps from small local businesses and residential households.

For indoor plants:  Integrate a 1-inch layer of compost into indoor containers and window boxes before planting.

For outdoor gardens: If planting in boxed beds, containers, or directly into the soil, evenly mix a 2 to 4 inch layer of compost over your growing area using a pitchfork or trowel. If you don't have enough, then put a handful of compost in each hole while planting seeds or transplants. 

For DIY potting mix: Mix compost into your potting soil - or make your own. Optimal mixes will have 50% regular soil and no more than 50% compost (otherwise your plants could get too dependent on compost). Use: 1 part BK ROT compost + 1 part garden loam or topsoil + 1 part clean builder's sand or perlite.
Details: 25 oz. bag | Can keep for a year or more if sealed and stored in a location that is dry and has a relatively mild temperature

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