The Sidekick Kit
The Sidekick Kit
The Sidekick Kit

The Sidekick Kit

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Even though our entire selection of tools are for those who are new to them, it can still be super confusing on where to actually start.  So we've pulled together different toolkits based on what we see as the various combinations you might need depending on what you may already have/don't have. 

The Sidekick Kit comes in 3 different styles that go beyond the very basic and are very useful things you may never knew you needed! These are the ones that we would nominate for "Best Supporting Cast." 

  • Channellock slip-joint pliers (blue handles) are the most versatile and all-purpose pliers for most everyday gripping, pulling, tightening and opening needs.
  • The Wilde allen wrench set is for furniture assembly (IKEA cough cough), electronics, bikes, skateboards, rollerskates and more.
  • The Stabila pocket level is crucial for anyone hanging wall art/frames, shelves or a cute yet handy fridge magnet!
  • Channellock Adjustable+Reversible Spanners are used for loosening or tightening, but we think its real magic is loosening hard to grip nuts and bolts. Great to use for furniture building and assembly, but also for slightly more advanced DIY needs (plumbing, auto repair, building).  This one has a unique reversible jaw that can be switched in direction for better gripping based on the object shape and texture you're working with. 

All of the tools we carry are for everyday people and everyday uses. They're often made for or endorsed by professionals because we only offer tools that are high quality and long lasting. We believe in investing your money in things you'll only have to buy once and have forever. 

  • Style 1 ($57.35): Stablia Pocket Level, Channellock Slip Joint Pliers, Wilde Allen Wrench Set
  • Style 2 ($70.75): Wilde Allen Wrench Set, Chapman Pocket Ratcheting Screwdriver, Stabila Pocket Level
  • Style 3 ($62.10): Channellock Slip Joint Pliers, Wilde Allen Wrench Set, Channellock Adjustable Wrench