Thermal Gloves
Thermal Gloves

Thermal Gloves

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Whether you're scraping snow off your car, having a weekend in the mountains or doing some hardcore work outside in the winter elements, these thermal work gloves from Kinco are thoughtfully designed to keep your hands protected and warm. 

Buttery soft and lined with Kinco's high-performance signature Heatkeep® thermal insulation that provides superior heat-retention by trapping heat, repelling the cold, & wicking away moisture at the same time. They're also super comfortable and constructed to fit securely to help block debris from entering the glove. 

Made from a combination of deerskin leather and stretchable black polyester-spandex fabric to ensure durability, flexibility and comfort. 

Kinco is a dedicated, second-generation family owned company that produces quality work gloves and stands behind every product they make. Since 1975, they have offered numerous styles and varieties of gloves designed for everything from planting marigolds in the garden to the harsh environment of working on an oil rig.  They proudly create top of the line work gloves that uphold quality and innovation at a fair price.  

Details: Available in size Large which fits a hand 9″ – 10." | Find your glove size quickly and easily by identifying the circumference of your palm using a piable measuring tape. The measurement (in U.S. inches) should be taken from the inside of your thumb to the outside of your pinky finger. To ensure an accurate sizing, use your dominate hand when you’re measuring.