Japanese Pocket Tape Measure

Japanese Pocket Tape Measure

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The Tajima "Top-Conve" is a mini tape measure from Japan. Unlike a lot of modern designs from professional-grade tool manufacturers, the Top Conve looks like it belongs in a home, not a construction site. Two creamy shades of brown with a bright red lock button, subtle in its beauty.  It’s pocket-sized, so even if you already have a standard tape measure this one is good for throwing in the bag.  It also has a belt clip, so we encourage accessorizing with it if you're feeling cute.

Tajima is one of the most respected tool makers in Japan and has been around since 1909. They began their business making steel tape measures and continue to take pride in the craft. The brand is beloved in the tool world and remains privately owned.  

Details: This is an imported item from Japan. | Size: H: 2in' x L: 2in' | Tape Length: 6ft  Graduation: Inch / Metric | Tape Color: Yellow

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