Non-Toxic Corn Starch Glue
Non-Toxic Corn Starch Glue

Non-Toxic Corn Starch Glue

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The traditional paste has a history that encompasses more than 40 years and is part of many Japanese childhood memories. Once the paste is used up, there is a rectangle on the back that is designed to be cut out with a knife. This then turns the tub into a piggy-bank!

It is made from 100% corn starch in Japan. It is a versatile, child friendly, archival, non-toxic, extremely high performing with all paper to paper applications. The container is a cute yet sort of creepy (?) doll head with newsboy cap. 

Because of its 100% natural composition, this glue is acid-free for archival purposes. It can also be washed away with water. Dilute with water for a more liquid consistency when applied over large areas. 

Details: Size: 60g | Material: Corn starch | Non-toxic and acid free | Officially the shelf life is 2 years, but rumor has it that this safely keeps and can still be used after 25 years of age.