Weekly Plant Elixir
Weekly Plant Elixir

Weekly Plant Elixir

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Are you a Plant Parent?  Do you sometimes worry or struggle with keeping your Plant Children healthy and thriving, especially in winter? Then ease your mind and make all the guilt and screaming plant voices in your head subside with Mother Co. Plant Elixir. 

This Elixir provides a dose of nutrients that will aid in the growth and health of your plants.  It's Mother Co's super premium essential oil-based formula that acts as a practical pest control, leaf-cleanser and nutrition supplement.  

How & When to Use: Mix a few drops of the Elixir concentrate with water and spray the cocktail directly to the leaves of your plants. This is called "foliar application" and is much faster than root uptake, allowing the plants to absorb essential elements through their leaves. It's the method of choice when your plants look sick, sad and droopy and you want to relieve them quickly.  Foliar spraying is recommended at least every 3 days. It's also recommended to spray in the morning or early dusk. 

Mother Co. is an independent small business in Minneapolis, founded by cacti enthusiasts and plant nerds. They make their products in house using all natural, organic ingredients. 

Details: 2oz | Fully organic | Not intended for cacti use | Made in the US.