Tape Measure: 16&
Tape Measure: 16&
Tape Measure: 16&

Tape Measure: 16'

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Cheap, flimsy tape measures are not just annoying to use, they're not helpful when you need to measure something longer than a couple feet.  They end up bending in the middle or you can't use them at various angles.  That's why we chose the "ToughSeries" 16 ft. Tape Measure by DeWalt, a brand known for its superior tools and excellent quality.

This tape measure can easily measure large spans without help (no bending!) and has a 16 ft.  maximum reach. Built to survive anything you throw its way, it's even strong enough to endure a drop from up to 100 ft -- so if you ever feel like dropping it for fun, go at it!

Other small yet very helpful and insightful features:

  • It's the first DeWalt tape measure to use double-sided print; so you can see what you're measuring from above and underneath if need be.
  • Includes a removable magnet you can snap on and off the tip of the tape measure so you can pull it with ease if you have something metal to stick it to.
  • Uses a wear-resistant blade coating maintains long-term utility and 6 in. of Rip-Shield™ protective layering safeguards the hook on the tip for long life.

DeWalt was founded in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt. Like his family before him, he worked in mills and construction and saw that the jobs were very difficult and labor intensive for the workers.  He wanted to make jobs easier and more efficient, so he innovated machinery that could provide relief to fellow employees.  His first invention was the radial arm saw, which created a shift away from using basic hand saws or table saws for big woodworking jobs forever. 

Since its beginning, DeWalt products have been recognized for their durability, longevity, comfort, functionality, and ability to deal with big jobs. 

Details: Includes 1 Tape Measure and 1 Removable Magnet