The Caulking Finger

The Caulking Finger

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Rarely does a product make us laugh out loud, but one look at The Caulking Finger and you can't help but smile.  "Why a tool that looks like a finger?" you may ask. Professionals and DIY'ers agree that your finger is the best way to get a smooth finish when caulking, but doing so also tears up your fingers and isn't good for your hands. 

So, a painter with 28 years of experience who was tired of wearing out all his fingers caulking all day, created the beloved Caulking Finger. The product has been tested and recommended by painters with over a 100 years of combined experience.

 It's the only caulk smoothing tool on the market that looks, feels, and performs like your own finger. Saves yours from splinters, rawness and even cuts from caulking around sharp objects. You'll get a smooth finish every time. 

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