Adjustable + Reversible Spanner

Adjustable + Reversible Spanner

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Spanners! Also known as adjustable wrenches. Also known as crescents. Also sometimes called knuckle busters.  Whatever name you choose to use, this is a hands-down essential for everyday people as much as it is for the pros. 

Spanners have one fixed jaw and one adjustable jaw (the small piece that moves in and out) which allows you to use it on a wide variety of fastener sizes to tighten and loosen, making it super versatile for many needs. This one is unique in that it comes with a reversible jaw you can flip and use on different shapes of fasteners (round, hexagonal, nuts, bolts, etc). The self-gripping angled teeth design grip tight so it doesn't come off when you're turning. Also - remember to PULL towards you more than you push away from you when using one of these in case the wrench ever comes off through the use of force (hence the name knuckle buster).  

Made by a brand called Channellock in Meadville, PA. The company began in 1886 when a blacksmith from Evansburg, PA began hand-forging farrier's tools and selling them from town to town out of the back of a wagon. He would spend the Winter forging tools, load up his wagon in the Spring and set out selling his tools. When he ran out of tools, he would sell the wagon and buy a train ticket home to Evansburg.  His fifth-generation descendants continue to manage the company,  with everything still made in America. Channllock is synonymous with enduring quality, considered to be among the best. 

Details: 8 inch Spanner | Measurements = L 8.21 x W 2.45 x H 0.55 inches | Weight = 9.7 oz. | Chrome Finish | Reversible Jaw