Cleaning Cloth Set

Cleaning Cloth Set

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We all have a collection of spare cleaning cloths, stacked in spare drawers, folded in spare baskets, tucked away in spare closets.  Yet even though they're considered "spare," and may not be the ones we put out to use when company comes, we all know these are the ones we truly rely on THE MOST.  They see the gritty, realness of our messy lives. They're our powerhouses. Our old reliables. 

These cotton cleaning cloths are just those things. Strong and can take a lot of everyday wear and tear.  Made for all the random yet essential things we have to do in daily life. Get 'em dirty. Great for drying off a freshly washed pup, throwing in the car to clean the windshields or interiors, as a cooking prep rag to wipe off messy hands or as a mini picnic blanket for the park. Not to mention, they actually do look good enough to keep out the next time you have someone over IMHO ;) 

They are from local artisans in Mexico who are dedicated to creating new versions of timeless Mexican household items used for generations.

Details: Includes 3 cloths | Material: Cotton | Size: 23 in x 30 in | Made in Mexico

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