Vegetables Money Can&
Vegetables Money Can&

Vegetables Money Can't Buy

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This is a vintage item in good condition. Small spot on cover with minor wear.

As we go into the colder months and perhaps start thinking and planning our #gardengoals when the weather thaws in spring, this book both challenges and helps the reader to grow vegetables not commonly found in many home gardens.  From celeriac to kohlrabi to the potato, you'll find personal insight and nerdy poetics that make it a fun read.

To be clear: this book is not an instruction manual, it reads more like a wise friend giving their off-the-cuff advice based on their intimate experience growing their own food.  There are some simple tips and how-to's on how to plant them, tend them and prepare them for your table, but more overviews than step-by-steps. This is actually a big reason why we like it this book-- it doesn't give you the answers, it points you in a direction and you have to figure it out yourself a bit through trial and error.  Sort of the anti-internet approach to learning something new.  

Nancy Bubel was a gardening columnist for Country Journal magazine in the 1970s and wrote for Mother Earth News, Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Family Circle, Woman's Day and New Shelter magazines. She was a member of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Society for Economic Botany, and a life member of both the Seed Savers Exchange and the Friends of the Trees Society. 

Details: by Nancy Bubel, 1977 | 144 Pages | Paperback