Ugly Sweater Scrubbie in Capra

Ugly Sweater Scrubbie in Capra

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We worked with our Korean dish scrubbie maker LuLu&Friends to make our favorite dish sponges in colors that look like "ugly" holiday sweaters. And by ugly, we mean that they're a little extra, dramatic and color-clashing in a good way ;)

This color is called Capra in honor of Frank Capra, who invented a new kind of fake snow for "It's a Wonderful Life," that fell delicately and silently as it rained down. It was so realistic that many people didn't realize it wasn't real snow when they watched the movie. Before this, movies used cornflakes painted white (which was so loud they couldn't record dialogue in the scene and had to add it in afterwards), or some directors even used asbestos or salt. 

The shape of the scrubbie is inspired by Korean hoppang, a fluffy steamed bun filled with delicious stuffing like smooth, sweetened red bean paste. They were originally created as a quick, warm snack sold on the street during cold winter months.

Details: In Korea, many people use special yarn (called susemi yarn) to hand-crochet sponges for washing dishes. These "scrubbies" last longer than regular sponges and can be thrown in the dishwasher or laundry if they get gnarly from food and grease. You can also soak them in hot water to get them fresh and clean. The other great thing is that they foam up really well, which saves on soap.

By Lulu&Friends | Length x width: 4"x 4" | Each order is 1 sponge