Scrub Brush
Scrub Brush

Scrub Brush

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This wood block scrub brush is made for deep scrubbing and cleaning.  The bristles are made from Palmyra Palm, a plant native to India with natural medium stiff fibers. Extremely durable, dark brown in color and tough AF. It is an excellent choice for general sweeping, garage floors, for fender washing, deck washing, etc. Basically wherever you have surfaces that need a serious clean. Can be used in wet or dry applications. 

FYI - bristles flake and shed due to natural fibers!

Made by a brushmaker in Michigan that was founded in 1892. By 1908, the company was already producing custom brushes for Detroit’s burgeoning auto industry. In the next few decades, they would grow to supply both World War efforts as well as custom applications of brushes worldwide. 

Details: 8 inches | Wood handle | natural Palmyra bristles