Tropical Plant Fertilizer
Tropical Plant Fertilizer

Tropical Plant Fertilizer

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Sometimes different kinds of plants need different types of diets. Tropical plants in particular need care and fertilizer that is a little different than their non-tropical cousins. Periodic fertilizing along with the proper light, water, soil and pruning will them strong and healthy. A balanced fertilizer is exactly what you need to help them keep a pep in their step. 

Mother Co. developed a super premium Tropical Fertilizer Concentrate that can be diluted in water and used over time.  It's an all-natural and urea-free 7-9-5 balanced N-P-K formula specifically designed for the luscious tropical plant. The formula includes complete micronutrients and essential minerals. (If you are curious about what 7-9-5 means, the 1st number is nitrogen content, the 2nd is the phosphorus content and the 3rd number is the potassium content, all of which are calibrated to a level that provides the most balanced mix for specific types of plants based on their needs.) 

How & When to Use: Spring and summer are necessary feeding months; however during the winter, feeding is not necessary. If you do fertilize during winter, do it sparingly. Dilute the fertilizer by 50 percent or more. Once you see the plant setting new growth (typically in late February or March in colder climates) you may start feeding again.  Feed right at the start of warm weather and quit about a month before cooler fall weather returns in your area. 

Mother Co. is an independent small business in Minneapolis, founded by cacti enthusiasts and plant nerds. They make their products in house using all natural, organic ingredients.

Details: 4oz. fully organic | made in the US