Appalachian Sourwood Honey: 4oz.
Appalachian Sourwood Honey: 4oz.

Appalachian Sourwood Honey: 4oz.

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There's a special honey unique to the southern Appalachian mountains known as Sourwood Honey.  Sourwood trees grow exclusively in this region which is why it is prized and beloved by locals. The honey is complex, rich and has become sought-after all over the world for its unique buttery caramel flavor and twangy aftertaste.  Because these trees particularly thrive in the Smoky Mountains it's also known as "Smoky Mountain Gold."   We pour it all over hot biscuits, toast and cornbread.

Beekeepers wait in anticipation every summer in late June through July when Sourwood trees burst into bloom for only 25 days. That's why it's scarce and often hard to come by. 

Our honey comes from Mikell’s Farm Honey in Old Fort, NC.  Doug and Sharry Mikell are full-time NC Certified Beekeepers and use organic practices. They sell honey at its best; raw, pure and natural, with minimal straining and no pasteurization. Doug is a retired firefighter which is why there's a fire helmet on the labels. He is now, happily, the resident bee charmer. 

Details: Comes in a 4-oz glass bottle with cork | Light amber in color | Use on anything to make it sweeter and better: drizzle on cheeses, brush it on chicken wings, mix in coffee or tea, or our favorite, on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.